— Mark Ryden Travel Bags —

Our goal is to keep you fitted with a bag for just about every occasion. We have models that are designed for running around campus, long days going from meeting to meeting, subway rides, biking, standing in busy line ups at a coffee shop, overnight trips and travel bags. You name it, we’ve got you covered. We also have you covered when you need a carrying system for a weekend getaway, or gym bag that you can carry with you to work every day. Mark Ryden bags features a water resistant design, has a separate shoe compartment and enough storage space for you to easily carry a couple changes of clothes, a phone, wallet, smaller tablet and all of your shower products and the breathable fabric construction allows any gym odours to evaporate and escape from the It is the perfect, well constructed gym bags with ample storage compartments and our favourite feature, no more gym stank.

Mark Ryden Canada